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  • The terminator of strong light, image flip and the full screen waveform can be displayed.
  • New generation of P series monitors carry Ruige PCC color calibration system which is developed together by the cooperation of Ruige and SpectrCal.
  • Built-in 3D LUT color calibration, which complies with the standard of REC-709, can calibrate each P series monitors so that it can eliminate the trouble of color cast.



(RUIGE)TL-P700HD with ultra high brightness use the golden size 7” panel , the maximum brightness hit 1000 cd/㎡(tested), under the 100000lux environmental brightness , screen can still display clear picture , which absolutely resolved the problem of high brightness interference.


TL-P700HD is the highest brightness of the domestical same size monitors.

In the past , most of them are the normal brightness monitors , however there is difference from the actual brightness if you watch the scenery by the high brightness monitor. Thereby TL-P700HD add to the features like brightness waveform , exposure checking and “ELP” to help the cameraman to avoid the mistaken judging of the exposure.
TL-P700HD has the feature of adjustable backlight , based on different application environment, selecting the mode of “standard” “High brightness” and “user-define” to adjust the monitor backlight brightness.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Function Sketch

Front View

1 TALLY (indicator)
2 Protection plate
3 Speakers
4 Table bracket
5 Power indicator
6 Multi-functional nob
7 Main menu / Volume
8 Signal option key
9 Aspect ratio adjust
10 Headphone jack Contrast

Back view

11 Handle
12 VESA mounting hole
13 Software updates port
14 Install Battery adaptor
15 DC 12V power input
16 Power switch
17 GPI control port
18 DVI input
19 Audio input


B/P/D Series Monitor internally built in 3D-LUT Color Management System in accordance with unified industry standards and it uses professional testing equipment to take systematic and accurate calibration for monitors to ensure the  display indicator of monitor meet the tolerance range of color space standard .Therefore, it ensures each monitor has the accurate color restoration and the color of same style monitors is  consistent to the maximum extent .


16 channels of embedded audio in the SDI video signal can be decoded and 8 selective channels can be shown on the screen at the same time. The Volume unit shows both VU and PPM.


The Volume unit is used for measuring audio levels and calibration. This is helpful for making sure that audio levels are within technical requirements and specifications.





Mono(chrome) displays only the Y portion of the video signal


Human Eyes are more sensitive to the luminance signal therefore many viewfinders and small monitors have this function.



Safe & Area Marker


Image overflow or cutoffs can be checked using this feature. This is helpful during “Pan and Scan” as image is prepped for various broadcast markets. Ruige monitors have selections for Safety Marker Scales, Title Scales, Transform Scales and Center Cross. This is helpful for composition during shooting or title placement.

Luminance Waveform

The luminance waveform can be superimposed over picture (see below). The Y-axis represents the luminance level. There are two indicators; one at 100% and one at 700mv.


The Luminance waveform is mainly used to read the value of the Y signal. This is helpful for setting Camera Iris levels.


Muti-Aspect Ratio Switchable


In order to adjust for correct scanning users can choose different Aspect ratios. Selections are: 16:9, 4:3, Letterbox, Pixel-to-Pixel, Over Scan and Built-in Scan.